Katy Short is a 21 year old fashion advertising photographer from Jacksonville,FL. Currently based in Savannah, GA, Katy is in her senior year at the Savannah College of Art and Design with a major in Photography and minors in Advertising Photography and Fashion Photography. After starting photography in 2011, Katy has 8 years total of experience working in Photography and with studio and location lighting and comes with a passion for showcasing the ideals of a brand through her advertising work.

Our Story

After doing 4 years of practice in Fine Art Photography and starting at a new university, I was feeling uninspired by the concept of fine art and wanted to move into a field of photography that I felt was more impactful. I had never even considered fashion or advertising as the route for me to go down until a fashionable friend of mine took me to a lecture with Calvin Klein himself and surprisingly, he spoke mostly on the effect the advertising had on the brand and I left knowing that fashion advertising was the route for me. I love the idea of taking all that a brand stands for and wants to show the world about themselves and broadcasting those ideas to the world using my art. I hope to someday spread the message of many brands through my photography and be part of making the world a better (and more fashionable) place.